The current information system on tourism statistics produced by ISTAT relies on several sources that analyse the phenomenon from the point of view of both demand and  supply.

The oldest sources are the surveys of the capacity and of the occupancy of tourist accommodation establishments. They are two total surveys performed since 1956 to gain a snapshot of the capacity of the Italian collective accommodation establishments and the “internal” tourism flows (“domestic” and “inbound” tourism). The information contained in the two surveys has been gradually extended over time, taking into consideration new types of tourism accommodation establishments (farm holidays, bed and breakfasts, etc.), detailing hotel categories, entering the regions of origin for the Italian residents,. In the recent years, furthermore, the two surveys provide a greater number of variables on a municipal level.

Regarding surveys on households, ISTAT carries out – for the first time in 1959 – a sample survey to record information on the periods of holiday taken by the Italian population. The strong interest in the sector, prompted by the rise in tourism following the economic boom in the 1960s, lead ISTAT to conduct a series of surveys on holidays... full text




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