National accounts provide a systematic description of the economy of a country and its components, in addition to the system of inter-relations between domestic and foreign economic operators.

In order to describe the functioning of the economic circuit in all its aspects, while still on an aggregate level, transactions performed by economic agents (institutional units) are recorded in a sequence of accounts which start from the initial phase of income production, and pass through the subsequent phases of its distribution, redistribution and use, in the form of final consumption, terminating in the phase of its accumulation in the form of capital.

The system of accounts also allows for the analysis, by sector of economic activity or product, of the interdependencies between economic operators described in the flows starting from the production process through to the use of goods and services.

The main dimensions of reference for macroeconomic analysis and comparisons by area, time or country are Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Gross National Income (GNI)... full text




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