The statistics collected on the justice system over the years allow to reconstruct an overview of the long evolution of the relationship between the system and Italian citizens. The figures available are drawn, on one hand, from the so-called “case statistics” covering the whole range of records on the activities of the judicial bodies for each level of justice, with details on the number of cases processed by the justice system, and on the other hand, from surveys on the subject (statistics on litigation, property transfers and insolvency proceedings, criminality, etc.). In addition they analyse the phases of a trial, this second type of statistics also records the essential elements of the proceedings (subject and offences) and the people involved (appellants/defendants, offenders, etc.), making them a richer source for social analysis of the phenomenon.

Judicial statistics have remained fundamentally unchanged all the way from 1861 up to the last years of the 20th century, when numerous innovations were introduced in the process of collecting information. The data have always been transmitted by the competent judicial offices in each area, and the minimum unit of reference has remained the individual judicial case... full text




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