One of the first needs after Italian unification was to conduct a population census. The first census of the Kingdom of Italy was decreed on 8 September 1861 and implemented extremely rapidly. With the results obtained, in 1863, the de jure population in municipalities, provinces and districts could be established.

Over time, censuses changed and developed to ensure ever higher quality data and in response to changing information requirements stemming from the transformations that society has undergone. In fact, the form has been revised several times for the various rounds of census surveys in terms of both questions and structure, enabling structural changes in Italian society and its population over the last 150 years to be reconstructed.

The census was followed by the first statistics on population movements, providing the fundamental indications of natural and migratory movements for the annual count of residents. The legislation and data collection system – which was different in pre-unification states – therefore required harmonisation... full text




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